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Alcohol ink painting by Judy Gaggero


My name is Judy Gaggero. I am an Artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Born in Kansas, I have lived in California, Connecticut, North Carolina, and now Florida. For decades,

I painted in acrylic and watercolor.

Early on, as a member of the West Coast Watercolor Society, I studied with world-renowned Artists, including Millard Sheets, Gerald Brommer, Morris Shubin, Tony VanHasselt, Jane Burnham and Jade Fon. In turn, I shared my knowledge and skills by teaching many others.

Judy Gaggero Headshot

Recently, my evolution to Alcohol and Ink painting is now my obsession and creative challenge. Extensive world travel has given me the opportunity to see the beauty our
earth provides: designs, colors, lights, and shapes. These illusive yet emotional impressions are seminal to the character of my work. Alcohol/Ink is magical. The process is freedom and control, a yin and a yang. A dynamic exchange brings the excitement of going with
the flow then channeling it into an abstracted vision of nature. In the end, the viewer is invited to travel a colorful path, free to explore their inner feelings, the gift of life,
and the beautiful world we live in.

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